Safety in Healthcare Webinar

Learn how our revolutionary dialogue skills can help you increase

  • Patient Safety
  • Quality of Care
  • Staff Engagement 

The stress and complexities caused by long and difficult hours, power differentials among colleagues, and mounting stresses from regulatory bodies ensures healthcare professionals will face interpersonal strain and frustration at every turn. 

Unfortunately, within most healthcare teams, few people are able to speak up and address the real issues. 

Our research shows that if the right dialogue skills can transform a culture of silence into a culture of safety, preventing these issues from hindering your ability to deliver great healthcare.  

On this free webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • How healthcare is not immune to workplace drama that puts patient safety at risk; 
  • How to ensure your employees implement the company safety plan; and 
  • How to create a culture of open dialogue where honest conversation is the norm when problems arise.  

Join us for the free webinar Thursday, September 28 at 10am AEST! 

Meet our speaker, Geoff Flemming

General Manager, VitalSmarts Australia/New Zealand

Geoff and his team are currently helping organisations in every industry - including government and healthcare - to improve their performances through sustainable behaviour changes and critical cultural shifts. 

Geoff brings more than twenty years of experience in leadership development and performance improvement to the VitalSmarts global team. Specialising in building high performing leaders, Geoff and the VSANZ team help individuals, teams and organisations increase their effectiveness and generate great bottom line results. 

Geoff is a Master Certified Trainer in Crucial Conversations and a Certified Trainer in Crucial Accountability and Influencer Training.

This webinar begins on October 10 at 10:00am AEST, in...  


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