Maximising Performance and Accountability - Free Webinar


Learn the skills and tools to maximise team performance and better hold others accountable. 

In a culture of weak accountability, those who see problems say nothing because they assume they lack the authority or skills to raise a concern.

When people see accountability as “someone else’s job”, it costs organisations time, money, resources, and employee morale.  

How much, exactly? 

Our research shows that, on average, employees waste $1,500 and an 8-hour work day for every accountability discussion they avoid. 

These costs skyrocket when you consider that 95% of the workforce struggles to hold colleagues accountable.


Using our globally-proven framework, based on over 35 years of research and experience, we will teach you the skills to create and maintain a culture of true accountability. 

Join us for the free webinar to learn:  

Why performance systems alone fall short

When & why behavioural problems recur

How to fix behavioural problems without bullying

How to motivate others without using power

How to implement a culture of 360 accountability

How to increase team effectiveness and overall engagement


General Manager, VitalSmarts Australia/New Zealand

Geoff and his team are currently helping organisations in every industry - including government and healthcare - to improve their performances through sustainable behaviour changes and critical cultural shifts.  

Geoff brings more than twenty years of experience in leadership development and performance improvement to the VitalSmarts global team. Specialising in building high performing leaders, Geoff and the VSANZ team help individuals, teams and organisations increase their effectiveness and generate great bottom line results.  

Geoff is a Master Certified Trainer in Crucial Conversations and a Certified Trainer in Crucial Accountability and Influencer Training.

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